Choosing a Hair Brush

Let’s cut to the chase—a lot of us know nil about maximizing the different type of hair brushes. So what I am going to do today is to list down some of these common hair tools. Just take a glimpse at this to find out which one is actually meant for your hair.


#1: The thermal brush

Best for: all hair types


When best to use it: There’s nothing I enjoy more than a weekly blowout. But the problem about this is that this might be a little expensive if done on a regular basis. If your budget is your concern but still want to achieve a blowout look, then the thermal brush is just what you need. This brush tames hair that range from being coarse, to fine, to curly. This easily adds volume and a lift to your hair.


#2: The range teezer

Best for: hair that is often tangled


When best to use it: Do you find yourself regularly combatting tangles and knots in your hair? If this is the case, then you might want to check out the tangle teezer. Most stylists swear by this hair tool. It is able to smooth out hair that ranges from medium to fine hair. This will help keep your hair full and full of volume too.


#3: Extension brush

Best for: all hair types


When best to use it: Now you might be given the impression that this brush is only meant for hair extensions and wigs. There are actually a lot more benefits you can get from these. These brushes have metal bristles that have plastic balls a the end that detangle even then worst knots.


#4: Boar bristle brush

Best for: fine to medium hair


When best to use it: Want shiny and smooth hair? Look no further than this bristle brush.



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