The Basic Color Theory

From an early age, we have been taught that the basic colors are as follows: red, yellow, and blue. From these three colors root the rest of the secondary colors. If you think about it, they basically rule the color wheel. So there really is no reason for you to be dismayed when you see these colors in your makeup palette. Oh! The many things that you can do with these versatile colors. Are you ready to discover just how you can take these three hues and use them on your makeup routine? Let’s take a moment to appreciate these colors.



The color of life, of blood, of romance. Who can resist a deep and sexy red on their lips? But did you know that there are other estates in your face you can use this on other than just your lips? Yes, you can use this on your eyelids too. it might be a little jarring to think about but just imagine it mixed with a bit of blue and you get the prettiest violet color there is. Or if you want to blend it in a little bit to be in harmony with your skin tone, then you can always just dab a bit of red or pink into your base.



The color of the sky—it also gives an icy and fresh vibe to it. If you were to apply a little bit of blue on the pink of your lips, then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this trick will effectively whiten your teeth.



DO you think your foundation is not meant for your skin tone? You can always add a bit of yellow powder on to your pink foundation to suit your skin tone better. This will instantly warm up your look and give you a shade that is just yours.



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