The Fuss About Dry Exfoliation

Most of your exfoliations might happen in the shower. And I am not saying that this is wrong. I just want you to know, however, that there are other options available to you that does not require you to get wet. What am I talking about? Let me introduce you to dry exfoliation.


What is it?

As I said, it is a matter of sloughing off dead skin cells from your body without having to subject yourself to water. Here, most women would use a soft-bristle brush or mitts specifically designed for exfoliating purposes. More than this, exfoliation is often linked to improved blood flow as well as the detoxification of your complexion.


Is it for you?

It most definitely is. This is especially true if you are fond of fake baking your skin aka giving yourself a spray tan. This is the perfect preparation that you can do to your skin because it does not get wet with your ministrations.


So how can you dry exfoliate your skin?

Let me share with you the easy steps:


Step 1: Right before you hit the shower, make sure that you take a brush with natural bristles with you. If this is not readily available, you can always just use an exfoliation glove.


Step 2: Now I need you to start brushing your dry skin in a circular motion. You want to start at your feet and then working your way up to the rest of your body. Just make sure to avoid sensitive areas so as not to cause irritation.


Step 3: Now all you have left to do is to remove all the dead skin cells from your body. You can use a towel for this or you can choose to hop into the shower and rinse them off.


What are its benefits?

It pretty much works the same way as regular exfoliation would: it rejuvenates your skin and renews it. . .only this time without water.




Don't miss out!

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